Safety and the Move Over Law

Many of you may remember the “Move Over Mondays” in March 2013 where law enforcement spent extra time to enforce and educate the public on the Move Over Law.  The law was first put into effect in 2005 to help protect law enforcement officers and other emergency responders from injury and fatalities.  In 2011, the law was updated “…to protect everyone, including stranded motorists, tow truck drivers, roadside-assistance providers and roadwork and maintenance crews, as well as emergency responders and law enforcement officers.” ( has all of the statistical information that this blog provides, including this quote.)

Please remember that we all have families we want to get home to, and other places we need to be.  Taking a few seconds out of your day to make sure you are passing the men and women on the side of the road safely is so minute in the grand scheme of things, and could really save someone’s life.  From AZ DOT:  1 tow operator is killed every six days, compared to one law enforcement officer a month and five firefighters per year.  These are devastating statistics.  The other bad side to disobeying the law is that there is a fine that can range anywhere from $150 – $650, depending on jurisdiction.  Those two possibilities are terribly high prices to pay for a couple of seconds of your time.

We take great pride in our work.  We work to make sure we provide you with the best customer service in any situation.  We make sure our loads are loaded and secured properly with the safety of passing motorists, our passengers, and the vehicle itself in mind.  All we ask in return is that if you see flashing lights ahead, take a few seconds, slow down, and move over if you can.  We all want to be in our own homes at the end of the day.  Thank you!


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