Summer, the Road, & Tires

We are getting ready to head into summer here in the Old Pueblo. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t mind the delay in triple digit weather. Unfortunately, they are here. With the heat comes challenges that we may not think about until it’s too late. Prime example: your tires.

We know the temps last week were in the upper 90s, that means the surface temperature of our roadways are in excess of 150 degrees. Imagine what those roadway temps are now that we’ve broken through the triple digits. Those temps mean a whole lot of heat for your tires. That heat weakens tires, and if you have a bad tire; it can quickly turn into a bad day. You don’t want to have a blow-out, especially when it’s caused by something that can be an easy and inexpensive fix.

You want to make sure your tires are properly inflated. Between temperature and low tire pressure, tires break down at a much quicker pace. Over-inflated tires don’t allow the tire to grip of the road. Low pressure causes more flex in the sidewalls, which creates more heat and affects the handling of your vehicle and its fuel economy. With the price of fuel, it’s wise to take every possible step to conserve and use the fuel in your tank to your best advantage.

You should check the pressure in your tires every week or two to ensure that the pressure in your tires matches what is recommended for your specific tire. For every 10 degree temperature increase,your tire pressure increases by approximately 1 PSI. 30 – 35 PSI is the recommendation for most passenger vehicles, but you’ll want to check your tires/owner’s manual to be sure of the right pressure for you tire/vehicle.

It’s always a benefit to you to take a moment and walk around your car before you hit the road, especially if you plan on taking more than a cruise around town. Make sure you lean in there and take a look at the tread on the inside of the tire. Look for cracks in the sidewalls and make sure there aren’t chunks missing. Even short distances could end up costing you a small fortune if you have a blowout.

As always, be safe out there and remember to Slow Down and Move Over for any vehicle on the side of the road with lights flashing. Call us if you have questions or need help.


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