Sheds – Hauling and Placing

It has been a while since I’ve shared with you.  I apologize, but I hope that 2020 has started off well for you.

We’ve had a busy few months and a lot of that has involved moving sheds, so I thought I’d share.  It can be a pretty big job, especially if it’s a large shed.

My advice:  

  • Know your measurements, including the height – I have to consider not only whether it will fit on the truck, but what kind of restrictions I might run into on the roads I’ll be travelling to get it to your drop-off point.
  • Know (at least) the basic construction of your shed.  I’ll ask you some basic questions when you reach out to help this process.
  • Know where you want to place the shed before arrival to the drop-off point.  I can generally get it into the location you want it, but a lot will depend on accessibility.
  • Know which direction you want the shed to face.  When I arrive to pick up the shed, it’s helpful to know which direction you want the shed to face once it reaches the drop-off location.  If possible, I will work to put the shed on the truck bed so that once we reach it’s drop-off; it can just be put into place without additional maneuvering – sometimes that isn’t an option, but I try to take the route of least resistance.  I’ll do what I can to get it in the position/spot you want it to be in.

Of course, questions are always welcome.  I’ve moved some interesting items over the years, and sheds are generally pretty straight-forward.  If you have something else you are thinking about moving, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m happy to talk with you and help you find the best solution for what you need.


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