Atomic Towing 2023

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything new, and while a lot has changed (for all of us), much has stayed the same. It’s been an interesting couple of years, but we’re still here and still towing in and around Tucson.

Some things to consider as the heat of summer runs right at us. A basic check up on your vehicle is always a good idea. Just like with our tires, weather/temperature fluctuations can affect the fluid levels in your vehicles. Check to make sure your fluids are where they should be, and add more if needed.

If you don’t perform your own vehicle maintenance, it’s still a good idea to check the fluids after you pick up your vehicle. We humans are not without flaws, and mistakes can happen. We have had a couple of instances in the last few years where our customer left their mechanic’s shop after an oil change, but no oil was put in after the filter was changed. One of those instances resulted in serious engine damage. It’s not a common issue, but checking the fluids before driving away might mean the difference between upsetting your mechanic and replacing an engine.

If you do end up stuck somewhere, I am here to help. I am a one-man operation with a flat bed truck. I can haul small to medium vehicles and most sheds. In most cases, I arrive within about 30 minutes of your call, but I always give you an estimate of the time. My passion is working with classic cars, but I’ve hauled everything from a stage coach to a sculpture, and many cars and trucks in between. Towing in Tucson is never a dull moment.

The desert has been warming again. Mornings and evenings are still pretty cool, but it’s not a bad idea to carry drinking water with you. You never know what might happen, and if you’re stuck somewhere for a period of time, you don’t want to be without drinking water. Things can go downhill real fast if heat and dehydration kick in while you’re waiting. I always carry a cooler with many bottles of water, some frozen, so I can make sure that myself and whomever I am helping has something cold and refreshing to drink.

No matter what your day brings, be safe and mindful of the world around you. Watch for flashing lights and move over. If you have questions, call anytime. I’m happy to chat!


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